Birthday Parties for Boys

Boys Birthday PartyParties are fun for boys of all ages. Everyone is usually happy if a party is organised in honor of them, but there is a lot of work to do and things to consider if you are the one organising the party. Things to consider include age, gender, reason, how many kids will be invited and what venue. Children will really enjoy a party that is thrown for them if there is a good range of foods (both healthy and treats) on the table as well as activities and how fun the venue is in general..

Boys parties tend to have fun and active themes that allow them to role play as their favorite cartoon or movie character. Superheroes like Spiderman are among the most popular themes used for parties. Parties can include musical freeze games, pass the parcel, hitting the piñata, jumping castles and a range of other games. In the freeze game the kids dance around to the latest music and when the music stops they have to hold their dance move, if the move they are out of the game.

Super Man is yet another super hero that your party can be themed around. You boys love pretending that they have super-powers like superman. Boys under 10 will appreciate these type themes. Older boys will start to grow out of these themes and may need a more mature theme based on the latest computer game or similar. Karaoke can also be a hit as most kids don’t have any fears about singing like us grown ups. Make sure you hire a Karaoke machine with good modern songs that the kids will know. Slushie machines can also be a hit at these parties, especially in Summer.

You will need to decide how big of a party to have for your son. More kids means more work, more food and more supervision, but a big party can make your son feel very special and he will also get lots of gifts. It’s important that you have enough activities for the number of kids at your party, A jumping castle can be a great idea. You can hire one if you are in these areas here: Jumping Castle Hire Burpengary, Redcliffe, Bribie Island, Woodford.

Whatever theme you choose for your son’s party remember it’s all about them and the stress of it all will be over pretty quick so try and enjoy it too! You can always ask the other parents to help out, usually they are more than happy to participate. Good luck!

Update: Recently friends of ours who are raising a child with special needs had a birthday party for their special boy and hired a small jumping castle. They were originally concerned if the jumping castle was a good idea but with a little extra supervision and care it worked out great!

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